Email Phish

Email Phish is the easiest and most efficient phishing simulator for analyzing phishing vulnerability


Phishing is a type of email threat that consists of emails sent by an impersonated source, always containing malicious links or attachments, and with the purpose of tricking the victim into providing personal and sensitive information.

Why It Works?​

Phishing attacks are successful because they leverage the human factor, which is the weakest component of a company’s security. People do not give sufficient attention to seemingly legitimate requests and end up erroneously sharing data.

Why You Should Care?

Over 25% of phishing email recipients click on the content inside the email, and over 50% of those submit the requested information on the phishing websites.

What Is The Cost To Business?

Breaches cost, on average, over $130,000, and can reach into the Millions, resulting in many companies going out of business.

About Email Phish

Email Phish is developed by the leading Email Security and Anti-Phishing company. Taking advantage of our experience, organizations can test their employees with realistic emails and landing pages.



User Friendly

User Friendly

Using a simple and intuitive interface, anyone can configure realistic phishing simulation campaigns

Quickly Up & Running

Quickly Up & Running

Phishing campaigns are ready to go in less than 10 minutes by easily choosing from several templates and landing pages

Better Insights

Better Insights

Real-world templates and landing pages with in-depth reporting provide better insights into the most vulnerable employees

Bring Your Brand

Bring Your Brand

Personalize the experience with a brandable interface and fully customizable templates

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