System Information & Event Management

Security Operations for the Modern Enterprise

All Data is Secure Data​

Extending Security Analysis Beyond IT

Delivering Disruptive Economic Value​

Built With No Compromise Architecture

Helping the world’s most instrumented enterprises unlock the full value of their machine data to move the business forward

Built On A No-Compromise Architecture​

Multiple Use Cases, One Platform, All The Data​

Turning machine data into operational value at scale

All Together We Deliver Differentiated Performance, Scale, And Tco​

Security Capabilities

Data at Rest Encryption

Other Key Capabilities

See The Past And The Present

All data in our platform is hot, to seamlessly analyze real-time data streams and years of historical data. Micro-indexing technology and compression means Petabytes of data can be queried in a flash, while keeping storage to a minimum.

One Data Set, Many Uses

Multiply the value of the data and enable many downstream teams (IT Ops, SecOps) with a single data set. With our platform, users can easily tailor data access and masking based on user type.

Service Operations

Our Service Operations provides contextual full-stack visibility across an organization’s IT operations at massive speed and scale.

See Other Threats​

Collect, analyze, and manage all security and machine data across the enterprise.

Implement analytics, alerts, threat hunting, and forensic analysis

Integrate MI and data science tools

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